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We’ve created a free version of our renowned indicators: Trend Optimizer, Super Signals, and Warning/Attention Signals. While it’s a lighter version, it can significantly help you improve your trades and make better decisions.

But that’s not all! I also invite you to try our full version, which includes essential enhancements and complements for those who are serious about trading.

Experience the perfect combination of these powerful tools, working together to enhance your ability to identify optimal buying and selling opportunities and maximize your profits.

Hope you enjoy it!

Unlock the full Potential of Our Indicators

Upgrade to the FULL VERSIONS and enjoy exclusive features not available in the free version

These are the exact same set of indicators we use for each one of our analysis on X

Enhanced Super Signals and Trend Lines: Gain access to a game-changer accuracy table for Super Signals, suggested stop-loss and take-profit levels, and candle colors that  change to blue when chances for a bounce from the trend lines are higher.

Additional Mandatory Indicators: Benefit from our Moving Average Master, which shows trend direction and helps quickly identify if the trend is weakening. Receive additional take-profit signals and probable bounce alerts. Also included are our renowned Parabolic Lines, perfect for anticipating when the price will go parabolic and when it will stabilize and our powerful Oscillators.  Plus, enjoy many more advanced indicators designed to give you the edge in trading.

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